Mauna Loa; Hawaii’s Largest Volcano erupts after 38 years

Hawaii: The world’s largest volcano, Mauna Loa, erupted in Hawaii on Monday. After about 4 decades, the volcano erupted, and there was redness in the whole sky. According to the US Geological Survey, the eruption of the volcano had started on Sunday night. After which the emergency crew was put on alert. After the eruption of the volcano, the debris from it did not go far. Due to which, there is no harm to the people around yet.

The lava and other debris that came out after the eruption of the Mauna Loa volcano remained only in the summit area. Summit means the top of a volcano. However, the material released from it was also seen from very distant areas. The view of the eruption of the volcano was captured in the camera installed by the Geological Survey. It was seen that a long lava stream emerged from the mouth of the volcano.

Actually, there are 6 active volcanoes on Hawaii Island. Out of which Mauna Loa is considered the world’s largest volcano. According to the Geological Survey, Mauna Loa has erupted about 33 times since 1843. This lava had erupted in 1984 before Monday’s eruption. In the last eruption, the lava was flowing in an area of about ​​7 kilometers for 22 consecutive days.

Earlier in the year 2018, Kilauea Volcano had erupted near Mauna Loa. About 700 houses were destroyed in this. It is fortunate that Mauna Loa, which erupted on Monday, November 28, did not cause any destruction, as its slopes are very steep, which makes it more likely to go down the lava. Many people have made videos of the red sky and volcano eruption and posted them on social media.

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