MBBS, PG Seats In Indian Medical Colleges Increase Massively: Centre

NEW DELHI: A total of 96,077 MBBS seats are available in the country out of which 51,712 are in government medical colleges and 44365 are in private medical colleges mentioned a report by the GoI.

As many as 49,790 postgraduate seats of the National Medical Commission (NMC) are available in the country, out of which 30,384 are in government medical colleges and 19,406 are in private medical colleges it stated.

Further an increase of 67 per cent in medical colleges from 387 before 2014 to 648 as of now has been observed. Furthermore, there is an increase of 87 per cent in MBBS seats from 51,348 before 2014 to 96,077 as of now and an increase of 105 per cent in PG seats from 31185 before 2014 to 64,059 as of now.

The govt under the Central Sector Scheme has taken measures to increase the opportunities for medical studies and expansion of medical education in the country.

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