Mehrauli Update: Aftab Confessed being a Drug Addict, Chats to be Retrieved

New Delhi: The latest update in the Tragic Murder Case of Shraddha Walker seems to be more intense than what came to the fore till now. In his latest confession, accused Aftab Amin said he was high on drugs while killing Shraddha. He is a habitual drug abuser as the cops have said after interrogating him. 

They have also said that Aftab shows “no remorse” after committing such a brutal crime and is behaving like a hardcore criminal. His drug addiction often led to a quarrel between him and Shraddha. As per the latest reports, the chats between both of them will be retrieved by the Delhi Police soon. 

Yesterday, Aftab was to be presented in Saket court. But due to protests by lawyers on the court premises, the hearing was done virtually because the police feared that he could be attacked. His police custody was extended for five days in yesterday’s hearing. The court has also allowed the police to do a narco test on him. 

The Delhi police have found a pending water bill in Aftab’s name on the flat where he killed his live-in partner Shraddha Walker. They have found a witness in a plumber who saw both of them moving into the flat. He was produced in the court where he said, “They came to the flat in the summer. The couple was happy and had their hands on each other’s shoulders when I noticed them on the lane.” 

The Police have also identified the garbage van where the blood-stained clothes of both the accused and the victim were thrown as claimed by Aftab during interrogation. As per the latest reports, an old image of Shraddha has surfaced online where bruises are seen on her face and her entire face is swollen. Further investigations are on in the case. 

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