Messi Brigade Joins Massive Celebration in Argentina, Ruckus Reported

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  • Argentina won the Football world Championship on Dec 18
  • Argentine government declared a public holiday to celebrate the victory
  • Argentine players had to be lifted out by helicopter after ruckus during celebration

Argentina: Argentina fans are Celebrating the FIFA World Cup victory in the country. All the players including captain Lionel Messi became part of the open bus parade. Thousands of people gathered in Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires to celebrate their team’s victory. According to Argentina’s government agency, millions of people were present at the memorial site in Buenos Aires.

The Argentine government declared a public holiday to celebrate the victory. Meanwhile, some such videos have also surfaced from Buenos Aires in which accidents have happened during the celebration. According to local media reports, the situation got out of control and the Argentine players had to be lifted out by helicopter.

After defeating defending champions France in the World Cup final, Argentina won the World Cup for the third time overall and the first time since 1986. On Tuesday, the players of the team did an open bus parade to celebrate the victory. The fans were so excited about their team becoming the World Champions that the celebration had to be cut short. Also, the Argentine players had to leave their team buses and be lifted by helicopter.

Celebration in the open parade after the FIFA World Cup is a different thing, but this parade of Argentina’s team was different from any parade. No one had ever seen such an atmosphere. A video posted on social media showed two fans attempting to jump onto the Argentina team bus. In such a situation, the issue of the safety of the players was also put into question.

This parade will be remembered for many years. At the same time, many photos of Messi are also going viral, in which he is seen sleeping with the World Cup trophy on his chest. Messi led the team to victory in his fifth World Cup. He also ended 16 years of Europe’s dominance from the World Cup. For the first time since 2002 (Brazil), a Latin American team has won the World Cup..

Messi’s performance in this World Cup was excellent and he scored a total of seven goals. Messi scored in every match except the group-stage match against Poland. Messi scored a total of two goals in the final against France. This also took his total number of World Cup goals to 13. He left behind former Brazilian great footballer Pele in this matter. Pele scored 12 goals. Messi was also awarded the Golden Ball Award for his performance. 

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