Meteorite Shower in Madhya Pradesh

Story Highlights
  • A meteorite made a landfall between Khandwa and Indore, Madhya Pradesh.
  • No causalities so far, might have fallen in open land Met Department
  • The celestial show was seen between 7:40 pm-8:15pm.

A stunning video of a celestial event in the skies of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh was captured taking residents on a fantastic ride in the late evening hours.

Sighting of meteor showers were reported from Nagpur in Maharashtra and Jhabua, Barwani districts of Madhya Pradesh. The meteor around 10 kg is speculated to have fallen between Khandwa and Indore.

According to the meteorological dept, the meteorite might have created a 10 feet deep hole after hitting the earth’s surface.

Head of Radar section of meteorological department Ved Prakash said, “It was burning because of atmospheric friction. It is normal incident. In last 10 days, it also happened in Rajasthan. This time, such an incident took place in state. It was meteorite (sub-planet) of hardly 10-kilogram weight. It dropped between Khandwa and Indore.”

“Such incident is normal. A sub-planet of solar system comes within the impact of earth’s gravitational force during rotation because of its lightweight while going round the Sun,” Ved Prakash added.

So far no casualties are reported said Collector Khandwa Anup Singh, who instructed all SDMs to contact Kotwars.

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