Microsoft 365 Services Down For Thousands Of Users; Company Says ‘Investigating’

Users across the world are unable to access most of Microsoft’s services and there is no information on what caused this issue. Various Microsoft services such as Teams, Outlook, Microsoft 365, Azure, and LinkedIn are facing downtime as per the down detector.

Taking to Twitter, the company stated it is investigating the outage. “We’re investigating issues impacting multiple Microsoft 365 services. More info can be found in the admin center under MO502273,” the company wrote on Twitter.

As per the down detector more than 3,700 incidents of people reporting issues with Microsoft Teams in India.

Like Facebook, Amazon, and Google, Microsoft hosts all its services on its own Azure cloud. There seems to be an issue on the Microsoft Azure cloud, which has made several Microsoft services go offline. Besides these services, GitHub social coding is also down for several users across the world.

This looks like one of the major outages of this year, given almost every Microsoft service is down.

##MicrosoftTeams began trending on Twitter. The microblogging site was absolutely flooded with memes. “What’s up with #MSTeams today? Did #Microsoft layoff the wrong folks or something? a user tweeted.

Another user wrote: “#MicrosoftTeams not working. Employees are celebrating sudden leisure time in office. Looks like a festival.”

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