Military Base in Crimea Annexed; Russia Condemns UN’s Proposal on Demilitarization

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  • The President of Ukraine ordered government officials to refrain from discussing further military strategies with the media.
  • Eight Russian warplanes destroyed by Crimea’s blast significantly degrading the Russian navy’s Black sea aviation fleet.
  • Russia opposes UN’ proposal to demilitarise Zaporizhzhia nuclear complex.
  • Russia opposes UN’ proposal to demilitarise Zaporizhzhia nuclear complex.

Kyiv: The president of Ukraine has ordered government representatives to refrain from discussing military strategy against Russia with the media, claiming that such comments are ‘frankly irresponsible’.”War is most definitely not the time for conceit and loud declarations. The less information you share about our defence strategies, the easier it will be to put those strategies into action, Zelenskyy stated in an evening address on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Russia’s ambassador to the UN has condemned the decision by the council to create a demilitarized zone around Ukraine’s occupied Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant. Vassily Nebenzia, ambassador to the UN said that the demilitarisation could make it vulnerable to those who want to visit it. It added that we cannot rule out any provocations, or terrorist attacks on the state which need to be protected. 

The United Kingdom claims that recent explosions at a military facility in the annexation of Crimea “significantly degraded” the Russian navy’s Black Sea aviation fleet. According to the UK defence ministry. “The eight combat jets lost constitute a small percentage of the total fleet of aircraft Russia has at its disposal to support the conflict. However, Saky was primarily used as a base for the aircraft of the Russian Navy’s Black Sea Fleet, according to the ministry’s latest daily intelligence report. The ministry stated the explosions, which left one person dead and five others injured, will “certainly force the Russian military to modify its threat perception” in the area.

His response came after UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres proposed a demilitarised zone at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear complex. “The building cannot be utilised in any way related to military action. In order to guarantee the safety of the region, urgent technical agreement on a secure demilitarisation boundary is required, Guterres said in a statement.

According to Turkey’s defence ministry, two ships have left Black Sea ports in Ukraine, raising the total number of ships that have fled the nation under a deal mediated by the UN to 14 and marking the beginning of wheat exports. According to the government, the Sormovsky, flying the Belize flag, departed Ukraine’s Chornomorsk port with 3,050 tonnes of wheat bound for the Tekirdag region in northwest Turkey. Before February 24, when Moscow began its invasion, Ukraine and Russia together exported nearly a third of the world’s wheat.

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