Minister Lakhma Slams CG Gov and Demands Legal Action Against Anil Vij

RAIPUR: While sources indicate the CG reservation bill will be discussed with the President, and Home Minister during the three-day visit of Governor Anusiya Uikey, CG minister Lakhma slams the latter minister for misusing the post.

Minister Kawasi Lakhma in a press statement claimed that the Governor was misusing her powers. He added that she was being misled by opposition parties which stalled the approval of the bill that was unanimously passed by the legislative assembly through a vote of voice.

He also slammed Haryana Minister, Anil Vij who made a controversial remark about Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel. Lakhma demanded an FIR against the minister who disrespected Baghel and the state administration.

Targeting Baghel over his criticism of people opposing Besharam Rang song, Vij said that gods and demons exist in every era and Chhattisgarh CM is a gentleman of demonic nature. “If we study the Sanatan culture of India, there have been gods as well as demons. The chief minister of Chhattisgarh is today’s gentleman of demonic nature as he sees a fault in the saffron colour. The colour of dawn is saffron, at the time of dusk, it’s saffron. The saffron colour is at the top of our tri-colour. If he is seeing any fault in it, he should immediately resign,” said Vij.

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