Minor Forced into Brothel, Accused Arrested

Story Highlights
  • A 15 year old girl was traded from Banaras, UP in October last year.
  • The girl was forced into prostitution from her employee, Swamini Singh Thakur- a resident of Raipur.
  • accused imposed charged under sections 363,370 (4), 370(a), and 372,373

An incident of human trafficking has come to the notice of the Rajendra Nagar Police Station. It is reported that accused Tanya Khan, bought a minor girl for RS 15,000 from UP to engage her in the prostitution trade on October 28, 2021.

The victim on April 5ht eloped and was later rescued from the streets by a patrolling police team fromMujhagan Police station. following this, she was taken to Sakshi Rehabilitation Centre. After learning about the brothel incidents, officials from the rehab centre helped her lodge a complaint at the Rajendra Nagar Police station.

As per the information given by the victim, she was lodged at Swamini Singh’s residence as a maid. After 5 days of employment, she was forced into prostitution by Singh.

Based on the complaint filed, the accused has been arrested and levied charges under sections 363,370 (4), 370(a), and 372,373. A search operation was immediately initiated at Singh’s residence based on which the arrest was sought, the women officer from the Child Welfare Committee said.

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