Miraculous Escape for Two Youths After Being Dragged for 20kms

GWALIOR: Two youths suffered grievous injuries in an accident that took place at Jayendraganj on Friday afternoon, the police said.

According to reports, a high-speeding car hit two motorcycles and dragged them for around 20 km. The car however did not stop after being hit. Its speed ceased after it hit a divider on the road.

The incident came to the fore after the CCTV footage went viral on the internet. In the footage, a car on a busy street is seen running at high speed and hits two motorcycles- first a scooter and then a bike- both of which get stuck in the car and are being seen dragged.

One victim identified as Deepak Singh Batlam a- 30-year-old resident of the Madankui area situated on Sagartal road shared his experience interacting with the media after he recorded a statement. The other victim is identified as Devendra Yadav who was riding a scooter.

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