Missing Raipur Women Constable Found in Vrindavan; Alleges Harassment by Peers

Story Highlights
  • Missing Raipur female Constable found after nine months in Uttar Pradesh.
  • Female Constable identified as Anjana Sahis was posted in Raipur Headquarters.
  • Alleged departmental harassment as the reason to elope from the city and dodge the responsibilities.

Chhattisgarh: The Chhattisgarh Police on Friday, found a missing Raipur female constable in Uttar Pradesh who had fled from the Fort nine months ago. As per sources, the female constable was found selling flowers outside a Krishna temple in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh. After receiving a tip on her whereabouts, the Chhattisgarh police officials departed to Uttar Pradesh to rescue the female constable.

Identified as Anjana Sahis, the female constable was posted in Raipur Police Headquarters, nine months ago, following which she fled the city. Sources reveal her mother had registered a missing report on August 21 based on which the police initiated a search operation.

Vishal Kujur, in charge of the Rajendra Nagar police station, told the reporters that the police was constantly looking for Anjana, but he had no contact number. During the investigation, the police checked her bank transactions and found out that she withdrew money from some ATMs in Vrindavan. Following this, the investigating team reached there. Anjana was discovered selling flowers and other items of worship outside a Krishna temple. She said that this was her profession now.

 Tarakeswar Patel, the ASP of Tarakeswar, said that the police tried to persuade Anjana to go back to Raipur, but she refused. Anjana disclosed her reason for absconding wherein she alleged to be harassed by the officials at the department.  However, she refused to divulge any details even after being asked repeatedly.

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