Modi 24-Carat Gold; His Tenure Should Be A Case Study For Management Students: Rajnath

Story Highlights
  • Rajnath Singh praised PM Modi and called him as 24-carat gold on national conference on 'Delivering Democracy’
  • "A true leader is identified by its intent and integrity- Rajnath to PM Modi.
  • He addressed the staff of Terminal Ballistic Research Laboratory in Panchkula on Thursday.

New Delhi: Speaking at the valedictory session of a national conference on ‘Delivering Democracy: Reviewing 2 Decades of Narendra Modi as Head of Govt’, Singh said Modi is not merely a person. “If we look at his political journey of the last two decades, we will find that new challenges kept coming before him. But the way he faced those challenges should be taught in management schools as a case study on effective leadership and efficient governance,” the defence minister said.

Speaking at length Singh said, “A true leader is identified by its intent and integrity and in both cases; There is not a single stain of corruption on him even after being the head of a government for 20 years.” Singh also cited various reforms and schemes started by Modi as Gujarat chief minister. Stating that there is no difference between the words and deeds of Modi, the defence minister said he accepted the crisis of credibility in Indian politics as a challenge and overcame it.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday, October 28th, addressed the staff of the Terminal Ballistic Research Laboratory (TBRL) in Panchkula after inaugurating a testing facility associated with warheads. Speaking at the event, Defence Minister said that India has been a peace-loving country and will only react in conflict when the country’s peace is disturbed. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, said, “India has always been a peace-loving country and still is. It is against our values to start any dispute from our end. But if the need arises, our country is ready to face any challenge”. Citing APJ Abdul Kalam’s words of strength, Singh said that Kalam stated there is no place for fear in a Nation and so efforts are made to make India so powerful to face any country looking into their eye. 

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