Money Laundering case: Yes Bank’s co-promoter Rana Kapoor worth ₹ 127 crore in London seized by ED

New Delhi: A posh apartment of imprisoned Yes Bank founder Rana Kapoor worth ₹ 127 crore in London has been connected by the Enforcement Directorate as it delves further into supposed tax evasion including the private bank’s previous chief. 

The loft in London’s 77 South Audley Street has a market estimation of 13.5 million pounds in the UK, sources have said. Mr Kapoor purchased the property in 2017 for 9.9 million pounds or ₹ 93 crore for the sake of Doit Creations Jersey Ltd, the Enforcement Directorate said in a statement. 

The previous bank executive was arrested toward the beginning of March in the supposed trick worth ₹ 4,300 crore. His capture before the Covid lockdown occurred amidst the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) topping exchanges for each Yes Bank client at ₹ 50,000 for a month.

The RBI needed to intercede and pick the atomic alternative after the private bank couldn’t support its obligations following defaults by huge firms to whom it had advanced huge holes. A run at the bank followed, with a large number of stressed investors frantically attempting to pull back whatever cash they could. 

Mr Kapoor’s wife and three girls are additionally among 13 accused named by the Central Bureau for Investigation in the illegal tax avoidance case at India’s fourth-biggest private moneylender. 

As indicated by the case recorded by the CBI, Yes Bank put around ₹ 3,700 crore in DHFL or Dewan Housing and Finance Ltd around a similar time it allowed a ₹ 600 crore advance to an organization called Doit, claimed by Mr Kapoor’s three little girls Roshni Kapoor, Rakhee Kapoor Tandon and Radha Kapoor. 

DHFL purportedly didn’t reclaim the ₹ 3,700 crore purchased in debentures by Yes Bank. The CBI considers it a pay off as DHFL estimated five properties swore by Doit as insurance at ₹ 700 crore, however the securing cost of these properties was simply ₹ 40 crore. 

The organization additionally claimed that Yes Bank authorized a credit of ₹ 750 crore to RKW Developers Pvt Ltd, which is a DHFL group company, for their Bandra Reclamation Project in Mumbai. The entire amount was supposedly siphoned off by Kapil Wadhawan, a relative of RKW director Dheeraj Rajesh Kumar Wadhawan. 

The CBI claimed that Mr Kapoor, in criminal intrigue with Kapil Wadhawan and others, had put resources into DHFL through Yes Bank to increase unnecessary advantages for himself and his family. 

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