Monsoon Session: Total Productivity At 22%, the Speaker Says is “Hurt”

Story Highlights
  • Amid protests from the opposition, the parliament has been non-functional since the monsoon session began this year
  • Today Rajya Sabha was adjourned till 12 noon while Lok Sabha is adjourned sine die
  • The house functioned for only 74 hours and 46 minutes during the ongoing monsoon session

New Delhi: Since the beginning of the parliamentary monsoon session back on July 19, the upper and lower houses have been seen facing close-down situations due to protests from the opposition leaders. Several campaigns and protests are staged at Jantar Mantar and near the parliament in regards to the ongoing Pegasus case, farmer bill agitation, and other such issues. The Lok Sabha only functioned for 74 hours and 46 minutes in the entire monsoon session this year.

The speaker of the Lok Sabha, Om Birla expressed his concern over such a grave situation in the parliament. There has never been any such moment before where the “dignity” of the house was powered this much, he said today. “I always expect the MPs to maintain the dignity of the House. There have been debates, agreements, and disagreements in the House but its dignity was never lowered. I urge all the MPs, that the House be run in accordance with Parliamentary traditions & its dignity maintained. Sloganeering and raising of banners are not a part of our Parliamentary traditions. They (MPs) should express themselves from their seats”, the speaker said today after the session resumed.

Rajya Sabha chairman Venkaiah Naidu also broke down during the session and said he is hurt by the “ruckus” created by some opposition party MPs.

In this session, only 20 bills have been passed by the parliament and it has a total productivity rate of around 22 percent which is very low as compared to other sessions. On the other hand, the opposition leaders have formed a subtle “strategy” to target the government regarding the ongoing Pegasus row. As per the latest updates, the speaker has asked the MPs to show solidarity towards the parliament and behave accordingly. “I am hurt by the fact that the proceedings of the House did not take place as per expectations in this Session. I always make an effort to see that maximum Business takes place in the House & discussions are held over issues related to the public”, he concluded.

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