Monsoon Session:Both the Houses Adjourned Until 2 pm; Suspended MPs to Stage Relay Protests

Story Highlights
  • Both the houses adjourned for second time on Wednesday until 2pm.
  • Suspended MPs to stage 50 hours relay protests at the Gandhi statue starting today.
  • 4 MPs would sit in for protests at once.

New Delhi: Both the houses of the Parliament are suspended until 2 pm on Wednesday after sloganeering by the oppositions escalated. Prior to the adjournment, AAP MP Sanjay Singh was issued a suspension notice from Rajya Sabha for the remaining part of the current week of the monsoon session. The suspension order came after the MP sloganeered, tore papers and directed them through the chair. The bussiness at the parliament was adjourned until 12 pm for the first time on Wednesday after the proceedings began.

The suspended Rajya Sabha MPs including the 19 suspended last, have declared to do a relay protest at the Gandhi statue in the parliament for 50 hours till 1 pm on Friday. As per the insights received, 4 MPs would protest at once near the statue.

Congress MP Deepender Hooda reacting to the suspension criticizing the centre said – When MPs raise important issues in Parliament, they’re suspended. During protests, our members are detained and taken to police lines. If MPs belong to police lines, then why is a new Parliament being constructed here?”

Earlier today DMK Rajya Sabha MP Triuchi Siva insisted on revoking the suspension. He claimed that they raised their voice for discussion which turned into sloganeering after the opposition tried to suppress their notes.

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