Monstrous: Twitter Unveils an Inhumane Behaviour; Sex Demanded in Exchange of Oxygen

Story Highlights
  • Twitter polled with outrages
  • Inhuman behaviour reported in exchange of oxygen
  • Abuse spirals over the agonized

New Delhi: Amidst the nation striving to battle the overwhelmed heath care sector, incidents of inhuman behaviours, harassment continue to abound. These challenging situations have brought out the worst of humanity characters across the nation. Few individuals have been agonising the already crippled families of infected. 

Twitter, which played an eminent platform providing leads and resources to  the needy, reported one such inhuman incident. 

In the post the user revealed that one of the girls who she knew “like a baby sister” was asked to offer sex in return for an oxygen cylinder, she desperately needed for her father.  The post read, “My friend’s sister like my baby sister was asked by a neighbour in an elite colony to sleep with him for an oxygen cylinder that she desperately needed for her father; What action can be taken because the b* will obviously deny, no?” 

The incident evoked an outrage on the social platform as thousands joined the discussion on the forum. Several opinions poured in as to how the offended should be punished for the inhumane demand.  Many users suggested that the offended should be named and shamed, others believed that filing a police complaint will be the high way to go.

The country over the past few days, has bunked several illegal trades demanding humongous amounts of cash in exchange of the COVID Relief. This new report has stopped the nation even more portraying the abusive psychology of the citizens.

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