More Spectators to Attend Winter Olympics as COVID-19 Under Control

Story Highlights
  • An official informed increase in the number of spectators on Tuesday.
  • The decision came as the city recorded a drop in COVID tally.
  • No COVID cases were reported amongst new arrivals on Monday.

Beijing: As China recorded a declining COVID curve, the Olympic organizers have decided to invite more spectators to attend the event. In the next step, we will bring in more spectators based on demand, because the current COVID-19 situation within the ‘closed loop’ is under control,” Huang Chun, a director from the Beijing organisers’ pandemic prevention and control office, said at a press briefing on Tuesday.

The organizers had earlier decided not to distribute tickets on a general large amid concerns over the spread of the pandemic. Targeted groups of people who are required to undertake strict COVID prevention were issued the tickets. The organizers have decided to avoid foreign spectators and hoped for at least 30 per cent occupancy of the venue from amongst those who were invited.

As per the plan, the spectators would be separated from athletes and other people in the closed-loop by going through specific gates and will be seated in designated areas at the Games Venue. Additionally, they will also be subjected to multiple COVID tests and weeklong health checks before and after the event. Quarantine is being scrapped and visitors are advised to refrain from going to crowded places.

The organizing committee reported Zero COVID cases among new arrivals and six new positive cases from the people already living in the closed-loop on Monday. The Summer Olympics held in Tokyo while the pandemic started also took place without spectators.  

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