Corona Update: More than 1.8 Million affected from Novel Corona virus Worldwide; United States records highest number of fatalities

Story Highlights
  • The United States surpassed Italy as the country with the highest reported corona virus death toll
  • Europe is reportedly the worst affected continent in the world due to Corona virus with nearly 75000 death toll.
  • Worldwide, the death toll is more than 113,000, and the number of confirmed cases has surpassed 1.8 million mark

WORLD: Authorities in 211 countries and territories have reported more than 1,850,000 novel corona virus cases worldwide since China reported its first cases to the World Health Organization (WHO) in December.

According to Johns Hopkins University, More than 113,000 fatalities, the total number of cases has surpassed 1.8 million and more than 431,000 patients are reported to have recovered.

The most affected Countries right now are America followed by Spain and Italy. The death toll in America has surpassed Italy on Monday with nearly 22,000 registered figure and the affected people in America has exceeded half a million on Monday morning. Meanwhile, Spain is second in line to have registered most number of covid_19 infection with 1,66,831 cases and 17000 deaths.

Italy has surprised everyone as the number of death rate as well as infected people slows down in the country. France has reported a drop in coronavirus deaths on the previous 24 hours, with the total toll now stands at 14303.

According to AFP news agency, Europe is the hardest hit continent with nearly 75000 death toll and 909,673 infected people.

The List of Countries which are most affected from this pandemic outbreak:

  • United States with 557,571 cases and 22,108 fatalities
  • Spain with 166,831 cases and 17,209 fatalities
  • Italy with 156,363 cases and 19,899 fatalities
  • France with 132,591 cases and 14,393 fatalities
  • Germany with 127,854 cases and 3,022 fatalities
  • United Kingdom with 84,279 and 10,612 fatalities
  • Mainland China with 82,086 and 3,339 fatalities
  • Iran with 71,686 cases and 4,474 fatalities
  • Turkey with 56,956 cases and 1,198 fatalities
  • Belgium with 29,647 cases and 3,600 fatalities
  • Netherlands with 25,587 cases and 2,737 fatalities
  • Switzerland with 25,415 cases and 1,106 fatalities
  • Canada with 24,380 cases and 717 fatalities
  • Brazil with 22,318 cases and 1,230 fatalities
  • Portugal with 16,585 cases and 504 fatalities
  • Russia with 15,770 cases and 130 fatalities
  • Austria with 13,945 cases and 350 fatalities
  • Israel with 11,145 cases and 103 fatalities
  • South Korea with10,537 cases and 217 fatalities
  • Sweden with 10,483 cases and 899 fatalities
  • Ireland with 9.655 cases and 334 fatalities
  • India with 9,205 cases and 331 fatalities
  • Peru with 7,519 cases and 193 fatalities
  • Japan with 7,370 cases and 123 fatalities
  • Chile with 7,213 cases and 80 fatalities
  • Poland with 6,674 cases and 232 fatalities
  • Norway with 6,525 cases and 128 fatalities

The pandemic has reached every continent except Antarctica. The vast majority of cases and deaths are now outside mainland China, where the outbreak began.

The disease has hit the United States especially hard. About 560,000 cases have been reported in the country and 22,108 patients have died.

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