Mother Sue’s Meta, Snap for Daughter’s Suicide

Story Highlights
  • A lawsuit has been filed against Instagram parent company.
  • The lawsuit accuses Meta and Snap of deliberately creating products to engage and addict numerous users.
  • The girl was battling sleep deprivation and depression.

Social media platforms have been under massive criticism in recent days. Derogatory comments, morphing images and dicing political war rooms have been much in action over and over again.

 Tammy Rodrigeuz, mother of an 11-year-old child who committed suicide last year has filed a case against the parent companies of Instagram and Snapchat. It is reported that the girl had developed an ‘extreme addiction’ to the social apps helmed by  Meta and Snap.

Filing a case at the San Francisco federal court on the 20th of January, the complainant stated that her daughter Selena, who was massively addicted to both the applications had fled home after Tammy tried to limit her access. Selena was taken to a therapist, where Tammy was labelled as the first of its kind where a patient was as addicted to social media as Selena was.

The report said,” on multiple occasions, Selena received mental health treatment for her addiction.” Suffering from sleep deprivation and depression for months Selena was deteriorating mentally, the medic stated.

The lawsuit has accused both the social media platforms of ‘knowingly and deliberately’ designing and marketing products that were harmful to a significant number of their underage users.

Suicides especially in India have been on a rise thanks to the social media firms that created platforms where one has the liberty to speech alongside rights to fugitively hurt other beings in the social world.

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