MP: 10-feet long crocodile was seen crossing the highway; video goes viral

Bhopal: Everyone in the Rannod village in Madhya Pradesh’s Shivpuri was surprised by a 10-feet-long crocodile crossing the highway in the vicinity. The video was being highly circulated on social media.

As per the witnesses of this scene, the crocodile was seen waiting on one side of the highway in the bushes for a traffic halt, to cross the highway. After some time the crocodile crossed the road and the people recorded this rare occasion in their phones.

Crocodile was seen, when the villagers were taking their cattle for grazing land. People were shocked to see the crocodile as it can be dangerous for the cattle and humans. The people reported to the Forest Department officials. But the Forest Department didn’t come on time.

So the villagers themselves rescued the crocodile. They tied the crocodile with the ropes and later on, they released the crocodile in the Madhav lake again.

As per sources, the crocodile came out of the lake due to the overflow of the lake. This is all because of the rainy season and continuous rainfall at this time.

Few days back, another crocodile entered the area. Many such incidents of the crocodile walking around the village had been reported in the recent years. All the residents are advised not to go near the lake by the local administration.

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