MP: 3 Journalists Die in Truck-Bike Collision

Salamatpur, Madhya Pradesh: Three journalists from the Vidisha district died in a horrific road accident near Salamatpur. The incident took place on Monday night at around 9:30 pm at Salamatpur Ramkheda Jod. The three journalists had gone to Bhopal to publish a weekly newspaper and while returning to Vidisha, the incident happened. Rajesh Sharma, president of Vidisha Press Club Sangh, is also included in the dead. 

Journalists Sunil Sharma, Narendra Dixit, and Press Club Union President Rajesh Sharma, who has been publishing a weekly newspaper in the district for the past several years, went to Bhopal by bike on Monday morning. He often used to go to Bhopal Printing Press once a week to get the newspaper printed. On Monday he went to place the order for printing. While returning to Vidisha from Bhopal at night, an unknown truck hit the bike at the Salamatpur Lambakheda junction.

The collision was so severe that the bike shattered and all three died on the spot. The bodies of two were found nearby while one body was found about 20 feet away from the road. Deceased Rajesh Sharma has three children, the youngest son is one year old. Sunil Sharma lived in Dandapura, he has a daughter and a son, wife is a teacher. And Narendra Dixit lived in the Buntinagar area. 

As soon as the information about the incident was received, many fellow journalists and friends from Vidisha reached the spot. Salamatpur police station in-charge Devendra Pal told that the bodies of all three have been sent to Sanchi hospital. All three had died on the spot. 

The bike has been found on the spot. The truck driver who hit the truck has been caught near Berkhedi crossing. Expressing condolences on this painful accident, CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan has paid tribute to the deceased. Along with this, he also announced giving 4 lakh rupees each to the families of the deceased.

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