MP: BJP leader gave a befitting reply, “Why silent on the Batla house? addressing Opposition Alliance

Story Highlights
  • An argument between Ex General Secretary of All India Congress Committee and Home Minister
  • Digvijay Singh mum over Batla House case

Bhopal: In a tweet by Congress leader Digvijay Singh on Haridwar Kumbh, Home Minister Narotam Mishra has made a counterpoint.  A scathing argument striked between Narotam Mishra and Digvijay Singh. The latter confronts for his silence on the Batla house.

Narottam Mishra further said, “Constant lying and silence when a lie is proved, is a characteristic of Digvijay Singh.” He delineated the tweets posted by Digvijay concerned Kumbh, Ram Janmabhoomi and many other issues of Hinduism.

In a tweet, the Ex General Secretary of All India Congress Committee, Ex CM Madhya Pradesh Ex-President MPCC and Member Rajya Sabha said, “Thousands of well-wishers were barred from visiting the stadium to watch T20 cricket matches due to the rough outbreak of COVID-19 but lakhs of devotees in Kumbh exempted from Uttarakhand!! Thank you.”

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