MP Bride Arrives on Tractor for Wedding

Story Highlights
  • Bride creates new wedding goals arriving to the wedding on tractor.
  • The incident took place at Javra village in Betul district.
  • The video of the wedding has gone viral.

Madhya Pradesh: Curating wedding goals, a bride in MPs Betul arrived on a tractor at the wedding venue. This Indian bride has turned head over heels breaking all stereotypes.

The video of the unusual incident has been making rounds on the internet. In the video, the bride decked up in her wedding dress enters the wedding pavilion in style with her brothers on the side.

The wedding is reported to have taken place on Thursday evening in Javra village of Betul district. Ms Tagde, the bride said that the trend of taking entry in a palanquin or car has become old and she wanted to do something different.

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