MP Budget Session: Ruckus Over Tablets in Assembly

BHOPAL: At the MP Budget session today, leaders of opposition parties opposed the use of electronic gadgets from China. A ruckus echoed in the parliament, where LoPs underscored the ‘ fear of data theft’ from the tablets handed over to them under the initiative ‘paperless or E-budget’.

Attempts by the Home Minister to persuade the MLAs also were in vain and the chaos in the parliament snowballed into a huge argument.

The Madhya Pradesh government on Wednesday presented a Rs 3.14 lakh crore Budget for 2023-24 with a provision of Rs 8,000 crore for the ‘Mukhyamantri Ladli Behna Yojana’, a new scheme to be rolled out for the welfare of women in the state. The new scheme ‘Mukhyamantri Balika Scooty Yojana’ to provide e-scooters to the girls securing first class in the Class 12 examination was also announced in the budget.

Tax slabs remained unchanged for the budgetary outlay of Rs 3.14 Lakh crore for fiscal 2023-24. A ruckus by the opposition was staged over the hike cooking gas prices by the Centre.

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