MP: Driver dies of Heart Attack in moving Metro Bus

Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh: The driver of a metro bus died of a heart attack while driving. The bus used to run on the Damohnaka to Barela route. At around 11 am near Damohnaka, the bus became uncontrollable due to a sudden seizure by the driver. During this, the bus hit a car, and the rider on the bike in front of the car was hit and he was badly injured. 

The bus also crushed an e-rickshaw. Somehow the bus was stopped after this. During this, there was chaos in the Damohnaka area. People saw that the metro bus driver was lying motionless in his seat. Going closer, people saw that 50-year-old Hardev Pal Singh, the bus driver, had stopped breathing.

Eyewitnesses said that the bike rider was injured heavily in the accident, and has been sent to Metro Hospital for treatment. Two other people have suffered minor injuries. Sachin Vishwakarma, CEO of Jabalpur Transport Service Limited, said that the accident occurred due to the cardiac arrest of Hardev Pal Singh.

In other news in the district, the dog love of a woman living in Dhanvantari Nagar MIG quarter of the city is giving sleepless nights to the regional citizens as well as the Municipal Corporation. The woman has kept 40 stray dogs at her home, some of which are also sick. Disturbed by the barking of dogs day and night, the regional citizens complained to Harsha Patail, Chief Sanitation Inspector of the Municipal Corporation. 

It is said that on the complaint of the regional people, when the employees of the Municipal Corporation and the Stray Dog Catching Organization reached the woman’s house, the woman not only cursed them fiercely but also threatened them that if their dogs were caught, they would be punished. This matter has reached the animal rights organization and MP Maneka Gandhi as well.

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