MP Engineer Kills Family and Commits Suicide Due to Financial Crisis

Story Highlights
  • Ravi Thackeray was 55 years old
  • He was a civil engineer and his wife Ranjana ran a parlor
  • Both consumed poison and slit throats of children with tile cutter

In a shocking incident in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh a couple committed suicide by consuming poison and also killed their 2 children by slitting their throats. The rising depression among people due to the financial crisis during the pandemic and lockdown period has been quite a serious matter in the country. 

Many such cases have come forward where people were forced to commit suicide because of lockdown-induced financial crises. The MP Civil engineer Ravi Thackeray was 54 years old and his wife Ranjana was 50 years old. They had two children, a son named Chirag who is 16 years old, and a daughter named Gunjan who is 14 years old. 

It is said in reports by local police that Ranjana ran a beauty parlor that shut down during the lockdown. Ravi’s work also suffered losses during this time. They both were in debt and had also taken out a loan for their home whose EMI was due. A suicide note recovered from their house revealed that Ajay was mentally frustrated and he did not receive his salary for the last 3 months. 

He was financially exhausted too as he had many responsibilities on his shoulders and the financial crisis did not let him fulfill those responsibilities. He also clarified there was no external pressure behind such a step and that he apologizes to his relatives for taking this step. On the note, Ajay mentioned his outstanding debts and details of his assets too. 

After the incident, Ravi and Chirag died while being taken to Hamidia hospital whereas Gunjan and Ranjana continue to fight the battle of life and death in the hospital. The neighbors said that they heard sounds from their house but they ignored it thinking it is the usual fight between Ravi and Ranjana that occurred frequently. The Bhopal South division police have started a further investigation on the case.

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