MP Floods: Locals Refuse to Leave Flood-Hit Gwalior-Chambal Areas

Story Highlights
  • Unexpected monsoon rains caused flood in the area of Chambal and Gwalior
  • Government urge people to shift base to refugee camps but locals refused
  • Severe scarcity of food and water reported from surrounding areas

Gwalior: This year the monsoon has cast a spell on most states of the county. The districts of Gwalior-Chambal have also faced similar situations due to excessive water overflow from the nearby Sindh River. Since the area was affected by floods, the locals complain that they have not received optimum help from the government. They say that they are facing scarcity of food and water and several houses have been damaged due to the floods.

On the other hand, the local government officials claim that they have offered help to the locals and urged them to come and stay at the refugee camps that have been set up in various safe points beyond the flood-hit areas. But since some of them have been emotionally attached to their houses and belongings, they have refused to move to the refugee camps leaving behind their devastated houses. 

A small village near Bhind district Kusmia Khaira has been affected the most due to the running floods. It is located in such an area where the government officials cannot even reach properly. The locals of these areas are being offered help from their fellow locals from nearby villages and relatives. The locals say that they have not seen such floods since 1971 and now this flood has washed away homes that are more than 50 years old. Hope the government notices their ordeal soon and proper help is offered instantly.

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