MP Govt Announces to Replace Redundant Urdu-Persian Terms

Story Highlights
  • Home Minister Narottam Mishra announced the change.
  • The process commenced on Tuesday.
  • The state sent letter to all senior officers urging suggestions on the replacement.

Madhya Pradesh: The MP Govt on Tuesday rolled out its process to replace Urdu and other language words with the Hindi diction used by the police officials. A letter was issued to the senior police officers from various districts to submit suggestions within seven days about replacing non-Hindi words in the official dictionary.

Last month, Home Minister Narottam Mishra had announced the state’s decision to replace the words.

The state authorities had never been so decisive, until lately when communalism breached secularism. As far as Urdu is concerned, in terms of its perception by others, its nativeness is not put into question as its lineage to Sanskrit is often proudly recalled.  Both the languages are mutually intelligible when spoken however, are written in a different style. The controversy over the use of the language across the nation has gained huge mileage with educational institutions also planning to swap with regional lexicons.

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