MP Govt to Constitute Special Squad to Curb Ruckus Due to Intoxication

Story Highlights
  • Women squad to take action against drunk women creating ruckus on road.
  • The squad will consists of female SI, two female police constables and two male policemen.
  • The squad will patrol across major intersections.

BHOPAL: The MP Govt has decided to constitute a special squad that will act as a vigil for the drunk woman who create ruckus on the road. The decision was taken after a recent incident at LIG intersection and Vijay Nagar area where drunk girls created a ruckus and male officers on duty were unable to handle the situation.

The squad will consist of a female SI, two female police constables and two male policemen for assistance of their collaegues. The squad will be engaged between 6pm-12pm, that will patrol from LIG Intersection to Dewas Naka and Bapat intersection to bypass. The squad is instructed to detain those found under the influence of alcohol and process a medical examination. The squad will be handed over alcohol screening and testing devices to coduct tests.

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