MP Govt to Reduce Import Duty on Beer

Story Highlights
  • State govt cuts import duty on beer.
  • The reduction was done from Rs 30 to 20.
  • Around 61 per cent rise in beer consumption is observed.

Bhopal: As per the current statistics, there has been increased consumption of beer in the state since 2019. Citing the rise the Chauhan govt has decided to reduce the import duty on beer from Rs 30 to Rs 20.

A group of ministers constituted under the guidance of Home Minister Mishra has proceeded the proposal which will be produced before the cabinet for the final decision. The consent to the proposal was sought during a meeting held between the Minister of Moh, Forest Minister, ADG of Police, Awasthi and several others.

In a media interaction, Mishra informed that the state govt had agreed to reduce the import duty on the beer. As per sources, around 3600 liquor shops actively sell beer in the state.

The draft will be presented before the cabinet on May 26th for approval, he added.

Since the rise in the consumption of beer, there has been a drastic increase in the number of liquor shops selling beer. Apart from these, the beer-making factories have also expediated their production.

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