MP: Missionary School Sealed after Liquor, Condoms Found During Inspection

MORENA: In a shocking incident at a missionary school in MPs Morena, objectionable items were found in the principal’s office. The school has been sealed and officials under the scanner are being interrogated.

During the surprise inspection conducted by the State Commission for the Protection of Child Rights on Saturday, items like condoms and liquor bottles were found by the team. Apart from these beds, egg trays and gas cylinders were also found in the room.

“When we reached there for a routine inspection, we were surprised to know how both corners of the school were attached from the inside… It was a room and liquor bottles and condoms were found there. It was like a complete residential setup. It does not belong to only one person, but more people came out of the building who were living there. It was being used as an accommodation,” said Nivedita Sharma a member of the SCPCR inspection team.

The area is also devoid of CCTV coverage, she said adding that the room had 15 beds. More importantly, why does that room have a direct entrance with classrooms of girl students,” Nivedita Sharma added.

In view of the huge liquor cache unearthed, the excise department has also launched an investigation.

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