MP: Money Withdrawn Using Fake Death Certificates Under Govt Scheme

Story Highlights
  • At least 23 beneficiaries involved in the scam
  • All belong to Bohnakhedi village of Chhindwara district
  • Rs 2 lakh each was withdrawn, FIR against all

In a fraud incident that came to light in Madhya Pradesh’s Chhindwara district, at least 23 people withdrew money from a govt scheme using fake death certificates. The agriculture minister in charge of Chhindwara, Kamal Patel has said that the beneficiaries have withdrawn Rs 2 lakh each under a govt scheme that supports the dependant family members of the family of the construction workers in case the earning person dies. All these persons are still alive but somehow managed to get death certificates against their names.

In a statement, Patel said, “The government has taken the matter seriously in which death certificates of 23 persons, who are still alive, were issued in Chhindwara’s Bankhedi village and money was withdrawn in their name under a scheme”. He further added, “It is a serious matter. I have told the district collector to investigate all such cases in the entire district and take action against the people involved in it”. The scheme that they used to withdraw the money comes under the Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service of the state government. They withdrew the money as part of the building and other construction works services.

The SDM of Chhindwara said an investigation is on to find out whether any panchayat official member is involved in issuing fake death certificates to the fraud beneficiaries. “This matter has come to my notice. It is being investigated. If anyone is found guilty after investigation, then strict action will be taken against them”, said CL Maravi, the Janpad Panchayat CEO. As per reports, a total of 106 death certificates were issued by the Bohnakhedi panchayat in the last two years. A Tehsildar is leading the investigation process and further report on the same is still awaited.

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