MP Outclasses all States In 100% First Dose Vaccination

Story Highlights
  • 45,000 jabs administered in Bhopal during MahaAbhiyan 4.0
  • Bhopal -first state in the country to achieve 100% first dose vaccination.
  • State announces to resort to alternative reforms to complete Jhirnya lift irrigation project.

Madhya Pradesh: On Monday, 45,000 people got the vaccine in the Vaccination Maha Abhiyan 4.0 in the capital Bhopal. It took more than 6 lakh jabs in 30 days for Bhopal to reach 100% first dose vaccination coverage. Another milestone was reached by the state capital where every second eligible person in the city is fully vaccinated. A total of 6.11 crore doses of the Covid-19 vaccine have been administered in MP till September 26th. Total 86% of eligible persons have been administered the first dose so far. MP is the “number one state to have vaccinated the largest number of people with the first dose”, CM Chouhan mentioned.

Urban and rural area vaccination difference in the district has also changed. In the last 14 days, 87% of vaccine administered has been in outskirts of the state capital. The Rural area accounted for 3.5 lakh doses in the last 2 weeks. Total vaccination doses administered stood at 29, 63,763.

In another event on Monday CM Chouhan while addressing a gathering at the Khargone darshan program asserted the govt would resort to alternative reforms to complete the Jhirnya lift irrigation project of the farmers. As per the information given in by the state administration a sum of Rs. 1400 crore is expected to initiate the functioning of the project.

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