MP: Passenger Train Caught Fire in Betul, No Casualties Reported

Betul, Madhya Pradesh: A passenger train going from Betul to Chhindwara caught fire in the Betul station itself. While 3 coaches of the 09589 passenger train caught fire due to reasons unknown yet, luckily no humans were hurt in the incident. At around 3.30 pm on Wednesday, when the train was being brought from the loop line to platform number one, smoke was seen rising in the first compartment. 

By the time people could understand anything, the fire took a gigantic form. In no time, three coaches were engulfed in flames. In a hurry, all three coaches were removed along with the first engine, after which other coaches were also separated. But the good news is that in the accident, no loss of life is reported.

The passenger train leaves Betul for Chhindwara at 4 pm. For this reason, there were no passengers in it. The fire brigade was informed as soon as the fire broke out but could not reach the railway track on time. The locals and the GRP made efforts to control the fire as quickly as possible. 

Efforts were made to extinguish the fire by getting water through pipes from the surrounding fields. Later, four fire tender teams reached the spot and controlled the fire from spreading elsewhere. While the cause of the fire is not yet known, railway officials are investigating the matter to find out the actual cause of such a sudden fire breaking out at the passenger train.

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