MP Police Destroy Illegal Opium Crops In Arunachal Pradesh

Story Highlights
  • Central Narcotics Bureau destroyed illegal opium crops.
  • 3600 hectaares/ 1400 bighas of illcity cultivated opium.
  • The entire operation lasted about three weeks.

Neemuch: Taking action against illegal cultivation of opium 3600 hectares of opium cultivation was identified and destroyed it was done as part of a special action drive on illegal cultivation of opium in North East India on the instructions of the Narcotics Commissioner of India, the officials of Central Narcotics Bureau (CBN), Gwalior and Neemuch.

The action was taken on the basis of specific intelligence input regarding illegally cultivated opium spread over 3600 hectares was identified and was destroyed. Giving information in this regard, Sanjay Kumar, Deputy Narcotics Commissioner, Madhya Pradesh said that on the instructions of the Narcotics Commissioner of India Rajesh Fateh Singh Dhabre, the department got information about illegal opium cultivation in some areas of Arunachal Pradesh.

On which teams of officers of CBN Neemuch and CBN Gwalior were formed in the month of February and sent to Arunachal Pradesh. The CBN officials coordinated with the local administration and police and survey work was undertaken to identify illegal opium growing areas. Madhya Pradesh Deputy Narcotics Commissioner Dr Sanjay Kumar informed that after this the department launched the Vajra Shakti operation and with the security cover of Police, CRPF and administration, the drive to destroy this illegal farming was started.

The whole operation lasted about three weeks. In which illegal cultivation of about 3600 hectares of opium was destroyed. Deputy Narcotics Commissioner Dr.Sanjay Kumar informed that despite facing many hurdles and difficult terrain in Operation Vajra Shakti, the CBN officers displayed patience and determination and successfully destroyed the illegally cultivated opium.

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