MP Reports 2 Deaths from Delta Plus Variant; seven cases recorded

Story Highlights
  • Seven patients identified to be affected by delta plus variant
  • Two succumb to the mutated virus
  • Report’s state- three out of seven were immunized either with the first dose or both, additionally two non-immunized recuperated without any complications

Bhopal: The Madhya Pradesh Health Department confirmed over seven cases of the mutated variant of the Delta strain.  Two amongst the seven succumbed to the virus while the rest recuperated from the deadly strain and have been advised isolation. 

Probe stated that three out of the seven were immunized against the virus and successfully managed to recuperate, while two more non-vaccinated also recuperated without any complications. Three of the patients are from state capital Bhopal, two from Ujjain and one each from Raisen and Ashok Nagar districts. 

As per the health department data, the seven patients tested positive last month, however, their strain of infection was detected in June when the government declared intensive genome sequencing citing the arrival of Delta Plus Variant in the state. The National Centre for Diseases Control confirmed the infection of the seven patients due to the mutated strain. 

Madhya Pradesh is one of the three states where the AY.1 or Delta Plus strain — a mutation of the Delta strain which drove the second wave of the virus in the country – have been found. The other two states are Kerala and Maharashtra. One case of Delta-Plus virus has also been detected in Jammu and Kashmir.

While the parent Delta strain is highly infectious, not much is known yet about the Delta-plus — including how infectious or fatal it is. The Health Ministry has said it is under surveillance. Tagging Delta Plus Variant as ‘VOC'( Variant of Concern), the centre has instructed states to levy strict measures to curtail the spread.

51,667 Cases Recorded; 30.79 crore Individuals vaccinated

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