MP: School Bus Overturns, 2 Injured

Barotha, Madhya Pradesh: The school bus of Rudraksh Progressive Academy overturned near Barotha. The bus left Bhatkhedi at eight o’clock in the morning and overturned in a roadside field that is a few meters away from the village. As the bus was in a rural area, the speed of it was low, due to which all the children were saved. It is said that there were more than 30 children on the bus. Two children were injured in the incident and were sent to the hospital immediately.

According to the people present at the spot, all the children have suffered minor injuries. Police have started an investigation into the matter. The local residents said that there was a pole of a high tension line nearby, it is a matter of luck that the bus did not collide with it, otherwise a big accident could have happened!

Apparently, this is not the first case of the overturning of school buses in the district. Before this, a school bus overturned on Peepalrawan Sonkach road, in which some children were injured. But the district administration is not taking this matter seriously. The action to check the fitness of the buses has not yet been started by the Transport Department, so the possibility of a serious accident remains constant.

Negligence in the zone is such that neither the roads are good nor the operators are trained well. And the drivers who are driving the school buses do not even follow the traffic rules. They only drive vehicles at higher speed and also overtakes. In such a situation these incidents are increasing day by day. The administration must take immediate actions to control such accidents further.

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