MP State to Enact Anti-Gangster Bill; Targeted to Tackle Organized Crime

Story Highlights
  • MP Govt announces to enact law against organised crimes
  • As per the law, the culprit would face two to ten years of imprisonment along with a fine of Rs 25,000
  • Supporters of the crime would also be penalized a fine of Rs 50,000 along with imprisonment of two-five years

Bhopal: The Madhya Pradesh Government has announced to enact a law to deal with organized crime. The announcement came forth by the Home Minister Narottam Mishra on Saturday. 

  The proposed “Madhya Pradesh Gangster Prevention Bill” will provide for 10 years’ prison term for gangsters and also for attachment of their properties, he told reporters. 

The law is reported to be aimed at dealing with liquor mafia, land mafia, mining mafia, forest mafia and those who run gambling dens. 

Home Minister Narottam Singh also added that the bill was forwarded to the law department for clearance so that it could be enacted soon. 

As per the law, there will be provisions for two to 10 years of imprisonment along with a fine of Rs 25,000. If an attack on any public servant is attempted the quantum of imprisonment would increase from two years to five years along with a hike in the fine from Rs 25,000 to Rs 50,000.  Additionally, individuals supporting the gangsters will also be penalized with an imprisonment of three to ten years. 

Minister Narrottam further added that a Special Court will be established for the trial/hearing of such cases.  

Recently, the state cabinet approved a proposal that stated stricter punishment upto life imprisonment and death penalty to offenders of hooch tragedies.

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