MP Students Stuck in Ukraine Seek Help from Govt

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  • Nearly 20,000 Indian students reside to Ukraine.
  • 100 among them belong to Madhya Pradesh.
  • Indian Embassy, Kyiv issued advisory to its citizens to leave the country.

Ukraine: After an advisory from the Indian govt instructed students to depart from Ukraine temporarily. According to reports, nearly a hundred students out of 20,000 who study in Ukraine hail from Madhya Pradesh. 60 out of them belong to Indore.

Harsh Goyal a student in Ukraine interacting with reporters said, “The situation is really tense. Some students have already booked their flights but the flights are cancelled.” He questioned the safety of several other students who couldn’t afford to return as the ticket fairs were too high. Vinesh Sheokand, an MBBS student studying in Kharkiv, Ukraine, said that many first-year students are finding it difficult to fly to India as they haven’t received their Temporary Resident (TR) cards from the government yet. 

The Indian Embassy in Kyiv on Tuesday asked Indian nationals to avoid all non-essential travel to and within Ukraine. The embassy also released Emergency help-line numbers and Email-IDs for urgent and emergency contact.

“Indian nationals are requested to keep the Embassy informed about the status of their presence in Ukraine to enable the Embassy to reach them where required. The Embassy continues to function normally to provide all services to Indian nationals in Ukraine,” the advisory read.

The advisory came after several nations like USA and UK instructed their nationals to leave immediately citing an invasion after Kremlin deployed thousands of forces at the ex-Soviet Unions border. Claims from the Russian Military Dept come stating departure of all troops from the border, however, there seems no confirmation so far.

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