MP to Celebrate August 31st as ‘Tribal Liberation Day’

Story Highlights
  • State to establish museum to preserve nomadic and semi-nomadic souvenirs.
  • Strategies to be implemented to develop the social, economical and educational background of Tribal Sector.
  • 31st August added to the State festival Calender, to be celebrated as "Tribal Liberation Day".

Bhopal: According to official sources, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Tuesday informed about a museum that will be established to preserve the traditions, culture and life values of designated, nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes.

On the occasion of the Designated Tribe Day, CM at his residence office convened with the panchayat of designated tribes, nomads and semi-nomadic peoples.

“Tribals have equal rights over all the resources of the state. The state government is committed to ensure that this community develops and plays an equal role in the development of the state. All necessary efforts will be made for the social, educational and economic development of these tribes,” CM said. “Seats will be reserved for the students of these tribes in shramodaya, gramodaya and eklavya schools. Space will be reserved for these students in the hostels also”, he added.

CM Shivraj Singh added August 31st as the Tribal Liberation Day in the state’s calendar of national events. Taking into account the sufferings of these tribes that have been isolated from the mainstream of development for many years, this initiative will be expanded, and nomadic and semi-nomadic ministries will be established for the general welfare of the tribe.

The Chief Minister swore an oath to all those in the panchayat to send their children to school and educate them. The honorariums for the meritorious sons of these tribes to be admitted to medical schools and engineering schools will be paid by the state government, sources reported.

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