MP To Get Its 1st Bone Bank Soon

Indore: Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College (MGMMC) in Indore is all set to come up with a bone bank in Madhya Pradesh, the first in the state. With the advancements in technologies particularly in medical field, people will now be able to donate bones just as they donate blood.

Announcing the move, Dr. Sanjay Dixit Dean of MGMMC said, “Bad bones will be repaired and kept safe (preserved) in this bone bank. Any person with a broken bone will benefit as he would be able to get his broken bone replaced through this bone bank”.

He further added that bones will be kept safe at a temperature of minus 40 to 80 degrees. Bones can usually be kept for 6 months at minus 20 degrees. Bone banks are already there in Delhi, Mumbai and Southern India. With this, Indore will be the first central India city to get its bone bank.

MGMMC Indore was established in 1948. Residency surgeons summoned the European and the native troops who were stationed in the region. Soon the institution gained popularity in a short span of time and Dr. Impey constructed a building extensively for females.

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