MP’s Rain Fury: Floods Wash Away Bridges Worth 33.55 Crores

Story Highlights
  • Floods in MP damages 6 bridges due to water released from Madikheda Dam
  • Minister MP PWD Shri Gopal Bhargav has formed a committee to investigate the loss
  • Chief Engineer’s Report: Complete damage assessment can be done only after water recedes

Bhopal: Floods has wreaked havoc in Gwalior-Chambal division of Madhya Pradesh as six bridges have been damaged. The bridges either submerged or broke due to the strong force of water from the Madikheda Dam leaving Sindh and Seep rivers exposed to an ugly form.

Out of the 6 damaged, 4 of these bridges were constructed 5 to 11 years ago. Besides, there are two bridges whose records are unavailable as they were built more than three decades ago. Minister MP Public Works Department (PWD) Shri Gopal Bhargav has formed a committee to investigate the loss.

Chief Engineer, Sanjay Khande has submitted the preliminary report of the damages to bridges to the state government. Estimates reveal that the cost of construction of four bridges that were washed away and damaged during the heavy floods is Rs. 33.55 crores.

BridgeYear of ConstructionEstimated Cost (in Rs. Crores)
Datiya-Sevadha1982Data not available
Shyopur-Manpur1985Data not available

The report submitted by the engineer also said that the flood waters have not yet receded and a complete damage assessment can be done only when water recedes completely.

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