‘Mr. 56 hasn’t Said the Word ”China” for Months’: Rahul Gandhi takes jibe at Modi over LAC Standoff

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  • Rahul Gandhi slams Narendra Modi, for not uttering a word on the issue of Chinese intervention into Indian territory
  • Gandhi also blamed the central government for Chinese interference in India

Amid the ongoing tension with China, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for being ‘tight-lipped on the issue of Chinese intrusion into the Indian territory’.

Taking to Twitter, Rahul Gandhi wrote: “China is expanding its occupation into Indian territory. Mr 56″ hasn’t said the word ‘China’ for months. Maybe he can start by saying the word ‘China’.”

This comes as several Indian soldiers were injured in a physical brawl with the Chinese soldiers along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) last week near the NakuLa area in Sikkim.

The Indian Army on Monday clarified that it was a “minor face-off” between the troops on January 20. The face-off was resolved by local commanders as per established protocols, the Army said in a statement.

If India’s laborers, farmers, and weavers were strong, protected, and given opportunities, China would never dare to come inside India, the Congress leader had said on Sunday.

Gandhi had further alleged that China has understood that the Indian economy is on its knees, and every action of the government is designed to strengthen five-six big business-people.

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