Mumbai Businessmen Arrested for Smuggling Contraband Worth Rs 5 Crore

Mumbai– The Special Intelligence and Investigation Branch of the Customs Department has arrested two respectable people in business from Mumbai. The individuals in question are charged with illegally attempting to smuggle a notable quantity of contraband items. The arrests were made at Nhava Sheva port in Navi Mumbai, where the officials intercepted two consignments based on prior information.

During their investigation. Officials discovered an extensive collection comprising over twenty thousand e-cigarettes, upwards of one thousand uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones, and approximately fifty thousand playthings such as toys and balloon figurines envisioned primarily for youngsters. These items violated various laws and regulations, such as the Prohibition of Electronic Cigarettes Act, 2019, the Drone Rules, 2021, and the Bureau of Indian Standard provisions.

The seized goods have an estimated worth of Rs 5 crore. The investigation revealed the involvement of the two arrested people in business, who were considered key players in the smuggling operation. After evading authorities for over three weeks, they were apprehended for violating the provisions of the Customs Act.

The people in business were presented before the court, which ordered them remanded in judicial custody for 14 days. The arrests and seizure of the contraband items highlight the ongoing efforts by law enforcement agencies to combat smuggling activities and enforce regulatory frameworks to protect public safety and security.

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