Mumbai Police Receive Threats Similar To The 26/11 Attack

Story Highlights
  • A threat message warning of a terrorist attack was sent to the WhatsApp number of the Mumbai traffic Police.
  • The Threat message claimed that the six-person will execute the plan in India.
  • Earlier, a boat with three AK-47 rifles and guns was found off the shore of Raigad.

Mumbai: A threat message warning of a terrorist attack similar to the one that occurred on the 26th of November was sent to the Whatsapp number of Mumbai Police traffic control today. The Mumbai Police have started an investigation into the situation. The threatening message was also shared with other agencies, sources said.

The threat message stated that the Six persons will carry out the plan in India, the message was allegedly sent from a Pakistani phone number. The sender claimed that he is currently located in Pakistan.

“We have taken the case of the threat message (26/11-like terrorist attack on Mumbai) very seriously. Agencies have informed all measures to investigate the threat matter”, said the Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis.

Ever since, a boat containing three AK-47 guns and ammunition was discovered off the coast of Raigad in Maharashtra on Thursday, the claimed threat letter has gained more attention. The findings of the boat had caused a terror alarm in the state since it was uncannily similar to the terrorist attack of 26/11 in which the terrorists entered India undercover by boat.

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