Confectionery Industries Association to In-corporate Biomass

Story Highlights
  • Dhaba, restaurant and factory owners directed to switch to LPG and CNG.
  • The decision was passed in a meeting on Thursday.
  • The municipal corporation recommended the shift in gas citing the recent AQI.

Madhya Pradesh: The CEO of SmartCity Rishabh Gupta on Thursday, directed small scale hotels (dhabas) and large clientele restaurants and factory owners to switch their source of fuel energy generation. The proprietors of hotels and dhabas and industrial set-ups were directed to replace coal and wood with LPG Gas. The factory owners have been instructed to use CNG and LPG gas for running their boilers.

This decision in the change of fuel comes in the backdrop of the poor AQI that was recorded in the state recently. During the meeting, Municipal officials pressed on the use of bio-mass powered boilers. On these lines, Avantika Gas  Agency was instructed to survey each industry and lay pipelines for the industries awaiting a switch in fuel.

The meeting also saw the participation of Regional Officer of Pollution Control Board RK Gupta, President of Confectionery Industries Association Dinesh Chaudhary and Vice President Rajesh Dhingra, Manish and Pramod Mahajan for boiler conversion from Avantika gas were also present.

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