Mushroom-Themed Ring with Over 24000 Diamonds Sets World Record

Story Highlights
  • Kerala based jewellery designer sets world record with a new ring design
  • The ring has superbly arranged 24,679 natural diamonds
  • Previous world record holder was a Meerut based jeweller with 12,638 diamonds

The world record for setting the maximum number of diamonds in one ring came to light on Friday when a Kerala-based jewellery designer bagged the first spot in this category. SWA Designers has set a world record for making a mushroom-themed ring with 24,679 natural diamonds over it. The Managing Director of SWA Designers said that the reason for picking up this theme is because mushroom denotes immortality and longevity.

The Guinness World Record (GWR) took to its Instagram Channel to share the news and the stunning video of this masterpiece.

It also gave an explanation of how this ring has been made by doing 3D printing, pouring liquid gold into the mould which is then cooled off and the resultant is then filled into the overall shape of 41 unique mushroom petals. GWR further clarified that the diamonds used are certified by Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. This scheme prevents conflict diamonds from entering the market.

The GWR officials took the help of a microscope to count the number of diamonds fir therein into the ring and to assess further the quality of diamonds used, their weight, cut type etc.

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