Musk Asks Court to Delay Twitter Trial By a Month

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  • Musk writes to Delaware court asking to begin thr trial from November 10th.
  • The Delaware court is scheduled to hear trial in Twitter-Musk deal from October 17th.
  • Musk also sought termination of the deal based on whistleblower complaint.

United States: The Delaware state court received a fresh filing on Tuesday in connection with the Twitter take over case. The Tesla Chief in his filing has asked court the permission to postpone the hearing by another month i.e November.

The Delaware court is scheduled to begin five day trials from October 17th for the case where Twitter and Musk have sued each other.

Elon Musk asked the judge to let both sides continue briefing their cases through Nov. 10, followed by a conference to discuss what evidence they can introduce at trial. He said a trial could begin later that month “subject to the court’s availability”

Twitter wants the court to order Elon Musk to close the deal for $54.20 per share, while Elon Musk wants an order saying he can walk away without paying a $1 billion break-up fee alleging Twitter violated the deal contract.

Earlier on Tuesday, Elon Musk had sent an additional letter of deal termination to Twitter to include a recent whistleblower complaint from the former security head of the social media firm as another reason to scrap the deal.

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