Musk Era to End Soon? Twitter CEO gets 57.5% User Vote to Step Down

Story Highlights
  • Elon Musk had asked users for their opinion by conducting a poll on Twitter
  • Musk promised to follow up on the poll's results
  • Results declared; 57.5% of users want him to step down as Twitter CEO

America: Elon Musk is constantly coming under criticism due to major policy changes on Twitter. Keeping up with the criticism, he has decided to step down from the post of the Twitter chief. He had sought the opinion of Twitter users regarding this decision. Musk had earlier tweeted asking people whether he should step down as Twitter CEO. He also organized a Twitter poll to get an insight. At the end of the poll, 17.5 million users responded, most of whom wanted Musk to step down as Twitter chief.

By the time the poll was over, 17,502,391 votes were been cast. In the poll, 57.5 percent of users have voted in favor of leaving the post, while 42.5 percent of users do not want Musk to leave the post of the Twitter chief. Now it will be exciting to see if Elon Musk really decides to step down as Twitter chief after the poll results are out now! Interestingly, Musk had warned the people a few hours after conducting this poll that their wish might come true. “As the saying goes, be careful what you wish, as you might get it”, he tweeted.

Musk took charge of Twitter in October. Since then, he has been facing constant criticism for his decisions. On Friday, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres criticized him for suspending the accounts of some journalists from Twitter. He called this a dangerous example from the point of view of freedom of expression. However, within hours of severe criticism, Musk had withdrawn the decision and restored the accounts of the journalists. Musk has acquired Twitter only a few months ago. Since then he has been in the news continuously. 

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