“My Husband is innocent”: Shilpa Shetty on Raj Kundra’s involvement

Story Highlights
  • Mumbai Police recorded statement of Bollywood actor Shilpa Shetty in husband’s pornography case
  • Gehna Vasisth stands by Shilpa Shetty; says Shilpa is correct
  • The Mumbai Police Crime Branch conducted a house search and seized a laptop

Bollywood: Mumbai Police recorded statement of Bollywood actor Shilpa Shetty in the case pornography case  allegedly linked to her husband businessman Raj Kundra. Sources reveal, a search operation was conducted by police officials at the couple’s Juhu residence for nearly five hours to gather evidence. The search operation has reportedly seized a laptop from the premises. 

Shilpa Shetty today afternoon resigned from husband’s Viann Industries. In an official statement, the Hungama 2 Diva says ‘content on Raj Kundra’s app ‘not pornography but erotica. He is innocent.’ Sources reveal that the police would verify Shilpa Shetty’s statement and parallelly conduct gathering proof  against Raj Kundra’s involvement in the creation of pornographic content.

Meanwhile, Gehna Vasisth, who is involved in the case, issuing an official statement to the media said that she agrees with Shilpa’s statement. She said,” Shilpa is correct. The Hotshots app never had any content that could be classified as pornography. How can someone be associated with something that just doesn’t exist. As far as I know Hotshots has never made any porn film ever. Those were bold, erotic and hot films but none of them were porn.”

The Mumbai Court has extended his custody till July 27. While police claim to have sufficient evidence against him, Kundra denies any wrongdoing. His lawyer told the Court that, “Police are following what web series are doing these days – vulgar content. But that’s not really classified as porn. Nothing in this remand shows that two people actually indulged in an act of intercourse. If it’s not actual intercourse, it’s not classified as porn”. 

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